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David Birtwhistle - Reproductions

This page features prints and greetings cards reproduced from original watercolour paintings by David Birtwhistle.  Although the Friar Street gallery has now ceased trading, David's cards, original prints, reproduction prints and paintings remain available.

Most images are produced from larger paintings, occasionally cropped to standardise dimensions, and usually available as both prints and greetings cards. Prints are not published as limited editions, however print runs are normally restricted to 250, and will never be reproduced as a larger limited-edition print. 


Reproduction images, available both framed and unframed, are produced using four colour offset lithography, with lightfast inks on 300 GSM white, coated board, with single ivory colour mounts signed by the artist.

Unframed prints are mounted, with backing board, protected by a sealed cellophane bag.  Framed prints are presented in a 25mm wide, distressed gold frame, with hangings pre-fitted.   

Framed Sample

Mounted Sample



Please note that framed prints are not available by post - please contact us

to make arrangements for collection in person should you wish to do so.



Image Size Frame Size Price Framed Price Mounted
Standard 205 x 295 mm 355 x 440 mm 55.00 20.00
Long 155 x 395 mm 300 x 545 mm 60.00 20.00




Standard Format


Image Size

Frame Size Price Framed Price Mounted
205 x 295 mm 355 x 440 mm 55.00 20.00

(click the thumbnail images below to view the selected reproduction at a greater resolution)

Ref: BIR000 (print only)

Winchester Cathedral

Ref: BIR001 (card only)

Cloister to Miserrimus

Ref: BIR013 (print only)

Housman & I, Bromsgrove

Ref: BIR016 (low stock)

Severn Flood

Ref: BIR018

Old Bridge, Pershore

Ref: BIR019

Canterbury Cathedral, The Green

Ref: BIR020

Urn at Mottisfont (NT)

Ref: BIR022

Moat at Lower Brockhampton (NT)

Ref: BIR025

Floodwaters at Worcester

Ref: BIR027 (print only)

Cricket at Worcester

Ref: BIR036

St Mary's Convent, Worcester, Top Lawn

Ref: BIR037

St Mary's Convent, Worcester, Italian Garden

Ref: BIR038

St Mary's Convent, Worcester, Music Hall

Ref: BIR039

The Mary's Convent, Worcester, The Drive

Ref: BIR041

Stokesay Castle (EH)

Ref: BIR044

Big Six, Lords Cricket Ground

Ref: BIR045

The Minster, Southwell

Ref: BIR047 (low stock)

Exeter Cathedral

Ref: BIR050

Sesquicentennial Regatta

Ref: BIR052

Choir School, Worcester

Ref: BIR054

Madresfield Court, Worcs.

Ref: BIR065

Court and Priory, Little Malvern

Ref: BIR066 (print only)

The Radcliffe Camera,Oxford

Ref: BIR067

Severn Wanders

Ref: BIR072

Sheep, Shade, Hams and Hills

Ref: BIR073

Hanbury Hall (NT), Worcs.

Ref: BIR076

On College Green, Worcester

Ref: BIR078 (print only)

Bridge, Castle, Palace & Pier, London

Ref: BIR081 (print only)

Paddling Light

Ref: BIR502

The Village Pond, Flyford Flavell

Ref: BIR503

The Guildhall, Worcester

Ref: BIR504

Picnic at Witley Court (EH)

Ref: BIR505 (print only)

Low Tide at Wivenhoe

Ref: BIR506 (print only)

Severn Stream

Ref: BIR507 (print only)

The Path to the River

Ref: BIR508 (print only)

In the Garden at Lower Broadheath

Ref: BIR509

Down at Upton

Ref: BIR510

Towers at Evesham

Ref: BIR511 (card only)

Swan Steps, Worcester

Ref: BIR515

Gothick Moon, Stawberry Hill

Ref: BIR516

Towers at Southwell

Ref: BIR517

Over the Chapter Meadows

Ref: BIR519

Gardens at Sissinghurst (NT)

Ref: BIR526

Pershore Abbey and St Andrews

Ref: BIR527

Harvington Hall

Ref: BIR529

The Great Flood

Ref: BIR533

Fitzwilliam College, Tree Court

Ref: BIR534

Fitzwilliam College, First Undergraduate

Ref: BIR535

Fitzwilliam College, The Grove

Ref: BIR536

Fitzwilliam College, New Court

Ref: BIR547 (card only)

From Campanile Mound, Canterbury

Ref: BIR548 (card only)

Winter Boats

Ref: BIR549

Fort Royal in Summer

Ref: BIR553

St John's, Bromsgrove

Ref: BIR554

Quay Splash

Ref: BIR557

Walk into Worcestershire

Ref: BIR558 (print only)

Cathedral at Christmas

Ref: BIR564

Croft Castle (NT)

Ref: BIR565 (card only)

Light & Sound, Worcester Cathedral

Ref: BIR568

The Lane from Lower Broadheath

Ref: BIR569

Cadgwith with Gigs and Boats (NT)

Ref: BIR570

Over King's Bridge, Durham

Ref: BIR571

Floodlights, Durham

Ref: BIR573

The Water Garden, Coome (NT)

Ref: BIR574

Our Street, Worcester

Ref: BIR580

Rievaulx Abbey (EH)

Ref: BIR586

Fitzwilliam College, The Gatehouse

Ref: BIR587

Fitzwilliam College, Optima

Ref: BIR589 (print & tent-fold)

Severnside, Worcester

Ref: BIR591 (card only)

Advent, Worcester Cathedral

Ref: BIR592

Winter Vale, Elsdon, Northumberland

Ref: BIR593 (card only)

Moon River

Ref: BIR601

The Severn Valley Railway,Hampton Loade

Ref: BIR602

Arrival at Arley (SVR)

Ref: BIR603

The Station Cat,Bewdley (SVR)

Ref: BIR604

Approaching Platform 1, Bridgnorth (SVR)

Ref: BIR609 (card only)

Elgar Above Cathedral Square

Ref: BIR610 (card only)

Christmas Market, Worcester

Ref: BIR611 (card only)

Light and Dark in the Cathedral

Ref: BIR612 (card only)

Market Moon, Guildhall, Worcester

Ref: BIR618 (card only)

Garden Seats, The Firs (NT)

Ref: BIR619 (card only)

Play, Worcester

Ref: BIR620 (card only)

Towards Edgar Tower, Worcester

Ref: BIR621 (card only)

Autumn Green

Ref: BIR622 (card only, not wraparound)

East End, Pershore Abbey and St Andrews



Long Format


Image Size

Frame Size Price Framed Price Mounted
155 x 395 mm 300 x 545 mm 60.00 20.00

(click the thumbnail images below to view the selected reproduction at a greater resolution)

Ref: BIR521

From Slingpool to Severn

Ref: BIR522 (card only)

Worcester Awash

Ref: BIR524

Flooded Fields, Powick

Ref: BIR530

The Cottage at Lower Broadheath (NT)

Ref: BIR544 (card only)

Durham Cathedral

Ref: BIR545

Durham Castle

Ref: BIR551

Day/Night, Worcester

Ref: BIR552

The Lane to Claines

Ref: BIR555

The Wedding Picture, St Johns

Ref: BIR556

Court & Church, Salwarpe

Ref: BIR562

Basin Blue, Worcester

Ref: BIR563

Towers at Worcester

Ref: BIR575

Over the Weir, Worcester

Ref: BIR577

Departure Portsmouth, The Victory

Ref: BIR581

Racing Round the Bend

Ref: BIR582

We Win at Bewdley

Ref: BIR585

Snow Art in St John's

Ref: BIR588

Downstream, Worcester

Ref: BIR596

The Park at Croome (NT)

Ref: BIR597

Across the Playing Fields

Ref: BIR598

Cricket in the Afternoon, WCCC

Ref: BIR599

Severn Valley Railway, Highley

Ref: BIR600

Ponte Cavallo, Venice

Ref: BIR605

Venice from Riva del Partigiani

Ref: BIR606

Stourhead Moon (NT)

Ref: BIR607

Last Light, Malvern

Ref: BIR608

Baddesley Clinton in the Forest of Arden (NT)

Ref: BIR614

Beside the Croome River, Croome (NT)

Ref: BIR615 (card only)

Sheep in the Drive, Hanbury Hall (NT)

Ref: BIR616 (card only)

The Bridleway to Little Malvern

Ref: BIR617 (card only)

'My Beloved Country', The Firs (NT)

Ref: BIR624 (card only)

Henry Sandon Hall, Worcester


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